The Team

Steve Norman, Director

In April 2008, Steve Norman, a serving Police Officer, chanced upon an article in a Sunday newspaper supplement about a girl sold into prostitution in Cambodia at the age of 13. The next day he bought the book and read it through that night into the next day. It was through this experience that God broke his heart and placed therein a deep compassion for the children of this land who have no voice and endure such unimaginable suffering. The overwhelming desire to engage in this issue was impressed on him.

Following numerous fruitless searches and being advised that it was an area best avoided, Steve happened upon Ratanak International in Canada. Over the following months and the exchange of countless emails and calls, the prospect of developing the Ratanak in the UK became a reality. In June 2009 Ratanak International (UK) was formally born.

In September 2009 Steve travelled to Cambodia where he was able to meet Ratanak partners and see firsthand the situations that exist. This visit cemented his resolve to work to make a difference to the lives of as many people as possible. In April 2010, Ratanak International (UK) received its charitable status with the UK Charities Commission.

Steve is a committed Christian and has been married to Karen for 30 years. They have three children and three grandchildren. Steve and Karen live in rural North Yorkshire and are members of Influence Church, Richmond (


Kingsley Armstrong

He is also President of International Gospel Outreach, an inter-denominational ministry with its motto; ‘reaching the whole church, reaching out to the whole world’ (

He is the Director of his own ministry called ‘The Joshua Project’, which was set up to help people identify their own calling and ministry (

Kingsley has been married to Cathy and they have 2 children; Jemima and Isaac. He is passionate about missions and desires to see the church turned inside out

Paul Conn

Paul was brought up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus at 16. Paul worked as a nurse for several years before moving into medical sales where he currently works. He is married to Elaine and has 3 grown up children.

One Sunday at Church he heard Brian McConaghy speak who had been invited across by Steve , the UK Country Director, to share the charity’s story of its beginnings, burden and purpose¬† and it was overwhelming. Since then Paul has been a regular supporter. He regularly runs marathons to raise funds for Ratanak

Karen Norman

Karen has been married to Steve, our Country Director, for nearing 30 years. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren! She has walked the path of Cambodia since it first began and it committed to serving in any way possible. 

Karen works as in the home care sector and helps to look after the grandchildren.

Brian McConaghy

Brian McConaghy, Founding Director of the Ratanak Foundation, was a Forensic Scientist with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 22 years. For 19 of those years he performed his duties with the RCMP while setting up and running the Ratanak Foundation as a volunteer. Brian is a man with a burden for the people of Cambodia. Having grown up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Brian knows what it is to live under the stress of political turmoil.

Brian first visited Cambodian refugee camps in Thailand in 1989. What he witnessed there appalled him. This experience led him into Cambodia several months later to find conditions were worse than in the camps. This was the start of a long journey that has taken Brian and the Ratanak Foundation through many challenging and rewarding times in their desire to be servants of the Khmer people.

After visiting Cambodian refugee camps and seeing a documentary on Cambodia, Brian was moved to study the complexities of this country and to do something to alleviate the suffering. The result was a foundation named after a little girl he saw dying in that documentary.

Brian never got to meet Ratanak but she changed his life. His dedication to the people of Cambodia is a reflection of the person of Jesus Christ at work in his life.