History of Ratanak

Ratanak means precious gem in Khmer. In this case, Ratanak was a little girl who, in 1989, died because there was no medicine available to save her life. Ratanak International is dedicated to preventing such needless suffering and death in Cambodia.

Founded in Canada by Brian McConaghy, Ratanak International has been working in Cambodia since 1989, in the days when the civil war raged and the Khmer Rouge were never far away.

Medical supplies were shipped in, hospitals and clinics built, immunisation programs developed and ambulances supplied. The plight of orphans and abused children led to the provision of schools, building of orphanages and rehabilitation of children rescued from brothels. We also developed literacy, sanitation, and social services programs both in local communities and in prisons.

Today, Ratanak International is responding to the thousands of people in Cambodia who are trafficked and exploited. We work with Cambodians to restore those robbed of freedom and protect the vulnerable.